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Grange and District Natural History Society

Welcome to Grange Nats

Grange and District Natural History Society, to use our Sunday name, is a friendly local society dedicated to advancing the cause of natural history in all its forms in the Grange over Sands and South Lakes area.

The Morecambe Bay Whitebeam, Sorbus lancastriensis

What we do

Lecture series

We run  a series of lectures through the winter, usually on Friday evenings, covering a wide variety of topics of both local and general interest.  These are usually delivered face-to-face but were moved online during covid restrictions

Field meetings

These are held during the summer at places of interest and are usually led by one of our own experts.  Beginners are very welcome, it is a brilliant way to learn. 

And the rest...

We also contribute to education in local schools, produce occasional publications, provide signboards at places of interest and liaise with other local natural history organisations such as Cumbria Wildlife Trust.

Cover Picture

The Morecambe Bay Whitebeam, Sorbus lancastriensis,is our own endemic species, i.e. one found nowhere else in the world.  It grows mainly on the limestone cliffs around the Bay, from Silverdale to Ulverston.  Although globally rare it is in no immediate danger since there are several thousand plants, mainly in inaccessible places.  The biggest risk to it is probably climate change.

Green Alkanet,(Pentaglottis sempervirens

and bumblebee queen, Bombus pratorum


Picture taken at Lindale


Picture taken by David Benham




Fluted Bird's-nest fungus Cyanthus striatum


Picture taken at Arnside Knott


Picture taken by David Benham


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