Grange Nats

Grange and District Natural History Society

Summer meeting at Scout Scar.

Picture taken at Scout Scar.

Picture Sylvia Woodhead.

Orange Tip butterfly (Anthocharis cardamines)

on a bluebell (Hyacinthoides non-scripta)

Picture Ian Maynard.


Rhagium bifasciatumRhagium bifasciatum


Summer Programme 2024



Members will be informed by email at least a week before the meeting.



Meetings are free to members. Visitors are welcome to all meetings at a cost of £3 per person.



Please sign up to an excursion with Madeline Robertson.




Friday                   Staveley Woodlands and

May 10th              Dorothy Farrer's Spring Wood

       (Medium)        Meet 10.00am at Staveley Mill Yard

                              SD 471 984 (LA8 9LR)

                              Leader Danni Chalmers

                              Cumbria Wildlife Trust Woodlands Officer

                                 (Please bring a picnic)






Thurs                   Sunbiggin Tarn and Little Asby Common

May 23rd             (Special Area of Conservation and SSSI)

       (Medium)       Meet at 10.30am at the layby SW of the cattle grid                                       above Sunbiggin Tarn

                             NY675 077 (CA16 6QE)                                                                                     Special Guest Sir Martin Holdgate

                               (Please bring a picnic)







Thurs                   Orchids of Trowbarrow Quarry, Silverdale 

May 30th              Meet 10.00am at layby at the S end of

        (Easy)          The Trough, Silverdale

                             SD 481 754 (LA5 OSW)

                             Leader Dougie Watson

                             Arnside and Silverdale National Landscape

                              (There is the option of a self-guided walk to                                                       Gaitbarrows in the afternoon so please bring a picnic)        







Weds                   North Walney NNR    

June 5th              Meet 10.00am at Earnse Point Car Park

     (Medium)         Walney Island             

                             SD 171 700  (LA 14 3UD)

                             Leader John Osborne

                             Reserves Manager Natural England

                               (Please bring a picnic) 






Sat                      Pond dipping at Plumgarths            .

June 22nd          Meet 10.00am at Plumgarths (CWT Offices)

        (Easy)         SD 495 947 (LA8 8LY) 

                            Leader Jamie Normington 

                            Learning and Education Manager

                            Cumbria Wildlife Trust

                               (Please bring a picnic)   






Tues                   High Borrowdale Farm, Borrowdale

July 2nd            Eastern Lakes

      (Medium)      Meet 10.00am at Huck's Bridge layby on A6

                           NY 552 038 (LA8 9LF)

                           Leader Dr Jan Darrell,

                           Land manager and Policy Officer

                           Friends of the Lake District

                              (Please bring a picnic)







Sat                    Smardale NNR From Railway to CWT Reserve

July 13th          and GEO Trail

         (Medium)  Meet at 10.30am at Smardale Car Park                          

                          NY 743 083 (CA17 4HJ)

                           Leaders Peter and Sylvia Woodhead

                           This will be a joint meeting with the

                           Wilmslow Guild Natural History Group      

                              (Please bring a picnic)






Wed                   Lancaster Canal Barge Trip

July 31st           Freshwater Natural History and Buffet Lunch


                           Arrangements for this have been

                           sent to participants seperately








Thus                   Fungal Foray

Sept 26th           Meet at 10.00am   (Venue to be arranged) 

          (Easy)                 Leader Helen Speed









Picture by Sylvia

Charcoal drawing of trees

by Karen Lester (Artist in Residence)

Picture By Sylvia Woodhead

Artist in Residence Programme 


These events are suitable for all abilities.

Materials are provided

Non members are welcome at an additional cost of £3


For further details and to book please contact

Karen Lester on



Tues March 26th 10.00am -12.30pm

Charcoal Trees.

A short walk around Lindale sketching as you go.

Meet under the Coronation Tree at 10.00am SD415 805 

(LA11 6LF)

Cost £8


Fri April 12th 10.00am-12.30pm

Drawing cliffs with water soluble graphite.

Capture the layers of limestone and vegetation, 

sketching on site with this versatile medium.

Make marks and tonal washes using a water

soluble graphite stick or pencil and brush.

No walking involved.

Meet at 10.00am at the Old Quarry Meathop

SD 432 792 LA11 6QZ Cost £8


Mon July 15th 10.00am-12.30pm

Painting water with watercolour.

Windermere- venue TBC (YMCA?)

Use watercolour techniques to paint from direct observation of Windermere and the surrounding fells.

Meet at 10.00am Venue TBC

Cost £15 



Fri Sept 27th 10am-12.30pm

Drawing Turkey Tail and other fungi with coloured

pencils and pastels.

Draw from direct observation, specimens collected 

from the previous day's fungal foray.

Meet at 10.00am at Greywalls Studio Lindale.

SD 417 804 LA 11 6LJ.

Cost £15


Tues Oct 22nd 10.00am-12.30pm

Autumn Leaves, Water colour painting.

Using your own collection of autumn leaves as a 

reference to explore easy ways to create textures 

and dynamic still life paintings using leaves as


Meet 10.00am at Greywalls Studio SD 417 804 LA 11 6LJ

Cost £15










Sulphur Beetle (Cteniopus sulphureus) on

Ladies Bedstraw (Galium verum)

Picture by David Benham.


Coralroot Orchid, (Corallorhiza trifida).

Picture by John Adams.