Grange Nats

Grange and District Natural History Society

Seeking a short-winged cricket.


Picture taken at Humphrey Head.


Picture Sylvia Woodhead.

Amanita pantherina


Picture taken at Brown Robin Reserve Grange over Sands


Picture Ian Maynard.


Rhagium bifasciatumRhagium bifasciatum

Winter Lecture Programme 2023/2024

Members will be informed by email at least a week before the meeting.



Meetings are free to members. Visitors are welcome to all meetings at a cost of £3 per person.



Meetings are held at the URC Hall in Kents Bank Road at 7.30pm.



Friday                  Wildlife in Cumbria 70 yrs on

Oct 6th                 The speaker will be Stephen Trotter

                             CEO of Cumbria Wildlife Trust



Friday                   Jewel of Central America

Oct 20th               The wildlife of Costa Rica                    

                              A talk by Ken Taylor - a member of the Society




Friday                  Cumbria Wildlife Trust Reserves by Drone 

Nov 3rd               The speaker will be Colin Aldred

                             a professional photographer and drone operator




Friday                   Bird Behaviour   

Nov 17th              The speaker will be Kevin Briggs

                              He is an independent researcher with many years experience               



Friday                  Protecting, Conserving and Monitoring

Dec 1st                aquatic environments of South Cumbria             .

                            The speaker is Kate Smith

                            South Cumbria Rivers Trust            


Friday                  Members Social Evening

Dec 15th              There will be various short talks by members of the Society with                                        natural history displays and hopefully some food!



Friday                 The Ice Age in Cumbria  

Jan 12th              The speaker will be Prof Paul Carling   

                            Emeritus Professor of Geomorphology at University of Southampton



Friday                  AGM    

Jan 26th              Followed by a talk - Natural History in Iceland in Winter

                             The  speaker will be Peter Woodhead - Chair of the Society



Friday                 The Galapagos Islands

Feb 9th               The speaker will be Dr Audrey Brown

                            President of Cumbria GeoConservation.




Friday                 Lake District Trees, Woods and Forests

Feb 23rd             The speaker will be Andrew Weatherall

                            He is the RSPB Policy Officer




Friday                 Marine Conservation

March 8th           The speaker will be Georgia de Jong Clyndert

                            Head of Marine Conservation at the Cumbria Wildlife Trust   




Friday                 The Westmorland Dales Landscape Partnership

March 15th          The speaker will be David Evans

                             Scheme Manager              






The Artist In Residence Scheme


We are pleased to announce that Karen Lester has agreed to continue in her role as 

Artist in Residence for the coming year


Events are being organised at the moment and when these are finalised they will be posted in this site

Details of Events will also be circulated to members






Empty larval web of the Small Eggar moth,

a nationally scarce moth, seen on Hampsfell in

The adult moths fly in March and are rarely seen.


Picture by Sylvia Woodhead


Canada Goose and goslings at

Hodbarrow RSPB reserve.


Picture by Andrew Musgrave.